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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back to introduce you another game by voltage,if you've been reading my blog,you should know previously, le me blogged bout 'Be my princess'.(Click to read if you haven't do so)
There's two version again,one is for gree and voltage series(Obviously the voltage series cost afew bucks as usual).
I don't have any credit card to get voltage series,even if i've ..i don't know how,okaycan.
So I'll be introducing the free one of course!
Moving on 
This time round,you're some ordinary girl out there,earning hard cash for studies blahblah..until one day,while you're working,someone claim to kidnapped you & ta-da!
These bunch of bodyguards saved you!
And then they told you that you were actually prime minister's daughter,say WHUT.
I know..right,it's a yay. I don't need to earn hard cash anymore !
Okay back to the story,then you gotta choose one personal body guard to protect you.
Yes,they look so charming right.
You might be thinking..
Oh yeah,so who's the lucky bodyguard,oh wait everyone is sparkling,i want them all !
Okay,time for the introductions.
Subaru Ichiyanagi,i choose this on my iphone & he's always surprise me .
He's kinda tsundere but he might have a girly type of him deep inside him.
Here's the screenshots that i got from the net.

Okay super wtf.
There's tons of screenshots but i think it's too much already.
Sorry for the long spam,didn't's never ending,lazy to even upload it up already.
Moving on
Sora Hirosue,he's kinda play boy uh. But he's actually quite sweet too,'s the screenshots!
I bet there's alot so..i'll try cut short.
Got a feeling the girl look like guy lo or isit just me thinking that way.
They always said 'boys cross dress to girls are pretty' totally trap or something,but seriously he's beautiful.
Okay okay,the more i look at the screen shots..the more i think he's cute.
So..... let's skip him already!
Kaiji Akizuki,your childhood friend who always cry..yeah i think.
But then this time..his the one that gonna protect you,though i think he's a little insensitive sometimes.
Hopeless in romance i guess?
Screenshots again.
Too many screenshots щ(ºДºщ)
Moving on
Mizuki Fujisaki,he's super kind,caring type..most probably mature girls will aim him since he's not tsundere type. Here's the screenshots!
Okay,enough of mizuki's screenshot.
Up next..
Daichi Katuragi,the leader of,all the bodyguards.
He's manly & matured yo!
Here's the screenshots !
You can just trust him ,that feeling huh?
Like some perfect husband lah ! My gawd.
Seji Goto..super tsundere & cold max.
Not bad right,nearly nosebleed.
Goto & subaru are like enemy uh somehow..
But still they're still so charming,really hope one day my drawing will be like that !
Oh and of course,doing missions & date them in the game!
Shall put those screenshots from events here and end this post!
I guess that's all!
The story is so addictive !
Shall blog about other games soon o(´v`)o
Thanks for reading !

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